Balfour Beatty Construction Value: £330,000 Start date: November 2015 Contract length: 10 months


"I have worked with Addison Plant Ltd on and off for 20 years and recently completed a public realm scheme in regenerating Stockton High St. This was a two year project upgrading the bus routes and hard landscaping.
I was very impressed with APL’s attitude regarding safety and their consideration to the public as this is a busy High St with events been held throughout the year. The safe digging practices employed resulted in zero service strikes which is highly commendable due to the complex network of services and underground tanks/cellars encountered.
The works consisted of drainage, ducting, earthworks and street furniture with the value of circa £3m and a large number of site operatives at any one time."
Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK
PROJECT SUMMARY This scheme was to stabilize the upper coastal slope and replace the existing concrete revetment to give protection against a 1 in 200 year storm with a 100 year design life. We installed new kerb lines and carriageway drainage. New crest drainage and drainage down the stabilised slope. We also had to install drainage at the top of the new revetment which was particularly difficult due to there being limited access. This meant working from a platform built of sand on the beach. The sand was moved using our own A25 dump trucks up and down the beach where required.
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