In 1954 Allan Addison Started up in business as a thrashing contractor after gaining experience at Prestons of Potto. From there he started agricultural contracting and later moved into land drainage. He bought his first new JCB 3 in 1964 and a John Allen trencher in 1969.


Above: Allan Addison first JCB
1964 at Morley Carr Farm.

Left: Mike Chapman at the controls
& Joe Swainston at the door.


The Drainage Gang 1975. Left to right. Allan Addison, Kenny Walker, Hadrian Robertson, Bill Addison, Harry Helm, Cliff Addison


In 1974 the business grew and together with Bill and Cliff, Allan Addison and sons was formed.

The business went from strength to strength and saw the purchase of two more trenchers and their first tracked excavator in 1977. It was with this machine that Bill first got

a taste for deep drainage work.


Below: Priestman 120 bought in 1982.

Laying 900mm concrete pipes 1982.


The company then started going in two different directions with Cliff carrying out the land drainage and Bill taking on civil engineering contracts.

In September 1989 the business split and two new companies were formed; Addison Plant Ltd and Cliff Addison Drainage.


Above: Tiger tractor & gravel trailer 1983

Right: Lamborghini tractor & trencher 1983

Interdrain trencher 1982

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