Balfour Beatty Construction Value: £1.3m Start date: Aug 2018 Contract length: 7 months


"During my time at Northern Counties Safety Group it is evident that Addison Plant regard safety as being equally important as quality and production.
At the core of their safety culture is an active involvement from the directors and senior management, which recognises that people are Addison Plants greatest asset.
It is positive and encouraging to see that the motivation to continually improve their safety culture is helping drive down accidents in our industry, with this years figures being at an all time low.
Even in these tough times for construction, Addison Plant have implemented a successful health and safety management system that should be seen as a benchmark to other civil engineering organisations.
With the company’s continual improvement and commitment to safety, it is my belief that Addison Plant are on the right track."
Craig Penketh CMIOSH SpDipEM NCSG Technical Health & Safety Practitioner
PROJECT SUMMARY Monkton has been subject to numerous recent flood events. To address flooding risk localized surface water management solutions are proposed at a number of at risk areas to provide a catchment-wide solution. Addison Plant was employed as the Main Subcontractor on site employing and managing other subcontract packages such as surfacing and fencing. We prepared and issued RAMS and daily briefings to all parties. We carried out: • Earthworks of new Swale and balancing ponds with 20,000m3 of disposal off site • New bunds on flood plane area • Installation of super gullies, which were first in the north east working with Stanton Bonna • Filter drains and precast headwalls with stone pitching • New pin kerbs and road kerbs, re profiling existing carriageway • Excavation around services carried out by vacuum excavation and by hand due to the amount of existing services Approx. 250 service crossings • Building of 1800mm dia MH’s onto existing pipework at 6m depth • Flow control manholes using orifice plates • Installation of hydro brakes in Manholes up to 3 metre dia on 900mm pipe • Reinstatement of roads with temporary reinstatement planed out and a stepped joint constructed • 522 metres of 500mm dia pipe in carriageway • 232 metres of 600mm dia pipe in verge • 190 metres of 450mm dia pipe surface water diversions • 500 metres of gully runs 150mm and 225mm dia pipe • Top soiling and seeding • Fencing post and rail • New footpaths around ponds We carried out pedestrian management with temporary footpaths/ramps and signage on site all to the satisfaction of South Tyneside Council.
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